SMACKBOMB.com began life as Elite Magazine Online – an online zine of an obscure humor magazine found in the Flint, Michigan area.

Before long, other sites were added and a banner network was created to link them all together, and the Elite Entertainment Network was born. The Weird Picture Archive, About The Beatles, Famous Fonts, Motor City Bad Boys, and The Nolan Ryan Express were all part of the first wave of sites that were created in 1997-1998, as well as a number of now-defunct sites.

The Elite Entertainment Network became SMACKBOMB.com in 2002, resulitng in new domains for many sites which were not, at that point at their own domains.

Unofficial Survivor Guide was founded in 2001 as SMACKBOMB.com’s first foray into television show coverage, with spoiler lists and episode summaries and commentary. It was later converted into a discussion forum and gained notoriety around the web in 2004 when it uncovered exclusive spoilers for Survivor: Vanuatu including set photos, contestant information, and partial boot orders.

The Comic Board (known as Ultimate Central until August, 2009) joined the party in 2003 as a place for news and discussion on Marvel Comics’ Ultimate imprint, and expanded in 2007 to cover all of comics as well as other pop culture including manga, anime, tv, movies, and more.

SMACKBOMB.com got back to its Detroit roots in 2004 with Detroit Sports Vibe, which covered Detroit sports scores, later converting to a discussion forum.

In 2007, The Daily Weird and The Sports Dirt were created as the first blogs to be part of the SMACKBOMB.com network, and Detroit Sports Vibe was also converted into a blog.

Opinz was introduced in December of 2008. Later that month, Unofficial Survivor Guide was converted into a blog, still keeping the exclusive commentary and summaries. In 2009, SMACKBOMB.com expanded their social media outreach with profiles set up on Twitter and Facebook.