Good news – there is an iOS media player that reads CUE sheets


Looking for a media player for iPhone or iPad (or iPod Touch) that reads CUE sheets? Good luck. There aren’t many that do, and the ones that do don’t seem to advertise the fact.

It’s unfortunate because if you download (er – ahem – “back up”) your music in lossless formats that have been ripped disc-at-once you need the CUE sheet to be able to play individual tracks. Players like VLC (which has actually been removed from the App Store and which no one has any idea when is coming back) can read the single large disc file (usually FLAC format) but not the CUE file, so it’s sort of similar to playing a cassette tape; you can’t jump to individual tracks.

Maybe it’s not advertised because no one is looking for it. More and more people seem to be streaming music and don’t even keep music files on their phones.

So, to the good news – nPlayer does read the CUE sheets, and it’s really easy to just drag and drop the entire folder containing the music files, scans, CUE sheets, and whatever else right into the nPlayer app via iTunes. The app is currently $4.99.

nPlayer reads a ton of video formats too and there are plenty of reviews out there that go over all of the options available.

nPlayer deserves props, too, for a nice little feature that more apps like this need to incorporate – the ability to turn off iTunes backups. If I’m putting tons of HD video and lossless audio files in this app I don’t want them taking up space on my HD in iTunes backups (or taking forever to backup to iCloud). Obviously I already have them on my computer or else I wouldn’t have been able to get them into the app. Apps like ComicZeal need this desperately and the developer refuses to incorporate it. We reached out to nPlayer support for more information on how this works and if it works like we’re assuming it does but after two attempts they neglected to answer; hopefully that isn’t indicative of their general support.

Update: We heard back from the developers (finally) and they confirmed that’s indeed how the backup option works.

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