Star Wars Card Trader is a continued embarrassment for Topps

Star Wars Card Trader card

Topps has been making Star Wars trading cards since 1977. That’s almost 40 years. You’d think that would be enough time to get some of the most famous quotes from the series right. Right?

This card (above) was issued in the digital card trading app Star Wars Card Trader the other day. It is from the “Pop Art” series, which features various lines from the movies with imagery done in a pop art style.

This line, is, of course, wildly wrong. Boba Fett’s line is actually “He’s no good to me dead” and is spoken to Darth Vader about Han Solo after Solo is captured.

The mistake is comical; under what circumstances would someone say to someone else, “you are no good to me dead”? Was Han bargaining for his death? The proper sentence structure is amusing. Imagine this gruff, battle-hardened bounty hunter properly enunciating every syllable and speaking perfect English.

You can expect other cards to follow:

“Simply trying is not enough.”

“I am concerned about your lack of faith.”

“Please don’t discuss odds with me.”

“Good job, young man. Do not allow your success to go to your head.”

Topps is well-known and often criticized for their missteps with the app and cards therein. And this isn’t the first time they’ve screwed up a quote.

Star Wars Card Trader card

The line is spoken in Huttese and is more commonly attributed as “Jabba no badda (or, alternately, ‘batta’).” The character in the card to whom the quote is attributed is Bib Fortuna and doesn’t speak a lick of Basic.

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